Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't! You only need an account if you want to upload files.
You can't! You might be expecting Sim File Share to work like Mod the Sims or The Sims Resource, with lots of custom content you can browse through and download.

In fact, it's more like Dropbox or Mediafire. Creators store their files here, and then they share those files on blogs, forums, or wherever they like! So even if you are logged in, there's no way to see a list of the files hosted on Sim File Share.
That depends what type of content you've downloaded, and which sims game you're playing! These guides cover the most common types of content:

If you've read those guides and you're still not sure what to do (or if you're still playing Sims 1 like some kind of admirably tenacious fossil), your best option is to ask the creator!
Of course! Just click here to contact us, and I'll change your name within a week. If you send an email, please make sure you send it from the same email address that's on your account.
Yes, you can. It's none of our business where or how you share your files!
First, make sure that your adblocker or browser isn't blocking the ads. You may also need to leave the download page open for a few seconds, to confirm that the ads load eventually.

If the creator whose work you're downloading uses or another similar service, that may be why you're not seeing ads. Because and similar services are often used for what's called referral spam, we have to disable ads if you've reached the site via If the creator provides a link, please use that one instead!

If you're still not seeing any ads, please let us know which country you're in, so we can make sure we don't have a geographical issue with our ad provider.
We send out codes once a week, usually on Monday, so if you've been waiting less than a week, please be patient a little longer.

If you've been waiting more than a week, there are two likely problems: either we tried to send you an invite code, but you didn't receive the email; or your answers to the questions in the form caused concern for us - either they made you look like a spambot, or you said that you don't plan to use SFS for uploading sims-related content.

Either way, please feel free to contact us to find out what the problem was. Remember to include the username and email address you used when filling in the form, so we can find your details.
This is the most-requested feature for SFS, and it's definitely on the list! Unfortunately it's a difficult one to design in a way which is useful, but not open to abuse. Rest assured, though, it's firmly on the to-do list, and will be announced on Tumblr and Twitter when it's done!

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